GALLERI DUERR presenterar “NOTES” av Anders Lindholm

GALLERI DUERR presenterar:

“NOTES” –  måleri, skulptur och mobiler av Anders Lindholm
Co-curator Mamie Hyatt

LÖRDAG, 7 MAJ – kl 12-17.
SÖNDAG, 8 MAJ – kl 12-16.
MÅNDAG till FREDAG –  Kl 12-14 och kvällsöppet kl 17-21.
LÖRDAG och SÖNDAG kl 12-17.


This exhibition is dedicated to the late Mamie Hyatt, art historian and curator. Mamie was an invaluable source of inspiration and guidance to Anders as he conceptualized the theme for this exhibition.

Utställningen är tillägnad det nyligen bortgångna Mamie Hyatt, konsthistoriker och
curator. Mamie var en ovärderlig källa till inspiration och vägledning för Anders när han utvecklade sitt utställningskoncept.


Anders Lindholm is an artist with a professional background in Design.  I sat down with him
to get his perspective on this current exhibition and the inspiration behind some of the pieces.  After spending an hour, I learned the name of some of the pieces and the storyline behind the art.  I felt compelled to express in my own words my view of his work.  This is not his artist
statement, just an outside interpretation using words or statements that came instantly to my mind, while spending a wonderful evening with Anders Lindholm.

He starts with sketches, simple pen, pencil and splashes of color.
Choppy wood created by the basic tools of life using a knife, saw and a hammer.
Earth tones, black and white, two-dimensions, cutouts or sculptures.

The theme is grief, but don’t take it literally.
A large piece with 365 holes – ”Another year”
Black on one side with the opposite on the other.

Significant cut-out shapes, purposeful pieces are the representation of each day,
in-which they create… Ah! ”Another day”…
”Another day” sprouts to a new day… A new life…
Black on one side, opposite on the other,
strung together with piano wire.

Making all kinds of interpretation of letters from different languages
the inspiration to create a new meaning.
”Divorce”,  “Womb” are titles of pieces, painted in black to show the void.
Metal and wood fitting together…

The journey is not always the same,
and you can navigate differently depending on memories.
So the exhibition shows the both sides of life, the darkness and the color side.
Using tools of nature, brushes, and a putty knife to share his emotions.

There are points in time,
that life is just dangerously whimsical toys.
You could say it’s only child’s play, inspired by his children.
Happy pappy, is one called…
which brought him to the evolution to ”Another day”.

The wood pieces are attached with wire,
create your own definition.
The discarded pieces from making the letters
becomes part of the piece that is translated to “Notes”.

“Womb” is inspired by beginning of a different life
and sadly that was the end of his love’s life.
He is creating questions, doesn’t have the answers,
and not trying to find them.
This is just his “Notes of life”.

Come see the exhibition as it evolves and grows,
completed as 365 pieces of a collection ending on the 22nd of May,

Shirley Å Johansson, May 2011

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