Lotta Wästerlid Zmuda-Trzebiatowski – “MOVEMENT”


30 juni – mitten av aug 2011

torsdag, 30 juni
kl 18.00 – 21.00


Lotta Wästerlid Zmuda-Trzebiatowski – MOVEMENT

Lotta har utbildat sig i England på Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design i London, Falmouth College of Arts i Cornwall och Accademia Delle Belle Arti i Viterbo, Italien. Sedan åtta år är Lotta tillbaka i Sverige och arbetar heltid som konstnär och scenograf. Hon har haft ett tiotal soloutställningar samt medverkat i ungefär lika många grupputställningar.

Lotta finns tillgänglig för intervjuer och speciella visningar. Boka en tid genom GALLERI DUERR.

I paint. I paint what I see. And what I hear. I paint what I read and what I think a lot about.  Painting is my method to express the contemporary, or at least my surroundings and what goes on inside my head, as I am trying to react and think about what happens in our world.

The paintings in this exhibition are called Movement as it is me moving around both geographically, actually travelling, looking at the world, the cities, the people and the landscapes I see, and also it is about the movement I do in my life and in time, my journey of thoughts and feelings that in a painting sometimes end up like looking like a landscape, or city, or person too.  So it is the movement between cities, in cities, from urban to provincial, from one thought to another, from one society to another, from one way of being to another, from one feeling to another, from one year to another. It is the movement of it all. And my eyes, heart and mind observing it, interpreting it, transforming it.

I collect images that attract me or fascinate me in different ways. Then I use these images as a starting point on the blank canvas, paper, board or peace of plastic or what ever I am using. Once I have started the lines, colours, structures, composition and contrasts will inspire me to continue, change, and build the image around what is there. There will be layers and mistakes; I paint over things again and again. It feels in a way like cleaning up the picture. A quite annoying and tiresome process actually. But in the end I am finally happy. I’m done. Nothing more to change.

Often it is not until then, when I don’t see anything more to change, and I feel the painting is ready, that I can see what it is all about. Why I have done the picture, what kind of image it is and what it means to me, and then the title comes.

Words and lyrics often inspire me enormously and I sometimes like to have words in my paintings too but most of all give them titles that might explain the image but also often be confusing or maybe intriguing.

I would say I paint intuitively but not emotionally. It is more linear and structured in some way than just personal expression.

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