SOFIA M. WESTIN – “Blind Date”


Sofia M. Westin

Vi har glädjen att presentera konstnären Sofia M. Westin med utställningen “Blind Date”. Vernissage nu på torsdag den 4 april kl 18:00!

Följande kväll är det dags igen för “First Friday Hopping”!

Träffa konstnären Sofia M. Westin, lyssna till elektroakustika toner av kompositören Niklas Breman, och se Tove Brunberg dansa bland Sofia’s konstverk med sin föreställningen “What Came First? The Woman or the Egg?” med koreografi av Disa Krosness. Tove dansar vid kl 19.30.

Mer information hitter du på eller följa oss på Facebook!!


Sofia M. Westin

5.4.13 — 5.5.13

— New works.

OPENING: Thursday 4.4


“A blind date is a first ever encounter between two subjects arranged for by a mutual acquaintance. During the encounter it is important to keep an open mind and give the other participant a fair chance to make a good impression. It could be important to remain honest and truthful throughout the event, if the parties purport to be something else the encounter will be misleading.

It is possible that not all blind dates will turn out successfully.”


The exhibition shows works that avoid and defy categorization. Large monochrome folded or creased aluminum forms lies or hangs dispersed in the room, strong or collapsed, and alludes to smashed containers or broken gift packaging. Alongside, deconstructed and re-configured images are fragmentally presented as macabre trophies leaning against the wall or discarded on the floor.

The title of the show refers both to the unexpectedness of a first meeting as well as the controlled stated that the social situation requires. What information do we share and what information do we desperately try to hide? In the meticulous concealing game to remain mysterious and appealing we risk to involuntarily display nothing but our vulnerabilities.

Corrupting the distinction between sculpture and painting, the works are at once objects and images, sometimes sleek and at other times abject. Studying a painted surface information are unfolding or folding in. Studying a shape you risk loosing yourself in an unfinished universe of unfinished forms. The monochrome painted surfaces and large forms are stage sets with codes and clues. The pieces hold several irreconcilable, contradictory narratives and the works are extractions from this story, rather than abstractions.

The objects with their painted monochrome surfaces fluctuate somewhere in between objects and material, and cement the unsure state between representation and reality. The reality the works offer are fractured and restructured — our own subjective, presented synthesis of information.

Show and tell. Hide and lie.



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