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Altansukh DemberelGalleri Duerr has the pleasure of presenting the latest work of the multimedia artist Altansukh Demberel. Exhibition “Tiny Pieces” – photography, painting and video.

Galleri Duerr har glädjan att presentera konstnären Altansukh Demberel med sin senaste utställningen “Tiny Pieces” – Fotografi, måleri och video.

Torsdag, 22 augusti
kl 17.00 – 20.00

Utställningen pågår 22 augusti – 29 september.
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My childhood memories are my inspiration. I was just ten years old living in Mongolia doing all kind of jobs just to survive and to help my mother (transporting, digging in garbage, selling things, cleaning shoes, begging and more…). Unfortunately I did not have the chance to study in school but I was very active creatively. As an artist struggling to survive I painted traditional miniatures for the tourists and wrote tragic poetry about the Mongolian society.

Because so many children and so many people are living in such miserable conditions in the world, telling my story, and theirs, has become very important to me. I tell these stories using painting, photography, video, poetry, performance art and installations.

Living in two different cultures – Mongolian and Swedish – it is exciting to express myself artistically, solving problems while understanding the differences that exist between my two worlds.

The project that I am currently working on is called ”Tiny Pieces”. An ongoing process, it is deeply connected to the mystery of my roots, my memories, my dreams, my poverty, my social status as a child in Mongolia and of course my emotions.

As I follow the Mongolian tradition of storytelling, I would like to share these stories of my life through my art.

Surrounded and influenced by the calm of the Swedish forest, I can reflect on my life in Mongolia as I strive to express myself as clearly and as simply as I can.

A thousand thanks to Radmila Knezevic, NBV Örebro Län and Galleri Duerr.

Altansukh Demberel received a one-year scholarship from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee in 2012.

The Author

Galleri Duerr believes art exhibitions are great ways to tell important stories of our time, and that storytelling is a way to make contemporary art more accessible to everyone, regardless of age. That is why Galleri Duerr has been operating as a pop-up gallery since June of 2014, with the goal of reaching out to a wider and more diversified audience with high quality art.

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    Welcome to Galleri Duerr – Thursday, Aug 22, and join us as we present the artist Altansukh Demberel with his latest exhibition “Tiny Pieces” – a life story.

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