Sculpture in liquorice !

Go for a walk in Grizedale Forest Sculpture Park in Cumbria and you will come across the five meter tall sculpture ‘Woman of the Water’, by contemporary Irish artist Alannah Robins. This work is ranked by the Guardian as one of the top eight sculptures of the female figure in England in a group which impressively includes artist Henry Moore. Another masterpiece by Alannah Robins – the playful ‘Reflex’ – is no more than a hand high. Between these two pieces is a  wide spectrum both in terms of size, material and expression.

Alannah Robins is now accepting the challenge to make a sculpture of liquorice and the goal is a scaled up version of her tiny girl Reflex. The sculpture will have an iron skeleton for stability, but will otherwise be made of liquorice. The sculpture will gain prominence during the Liquorice Festival March 21 – 22 in Stockholm, where Alannah Robins will tell about the process. Galleri Duerr will also present a new exhibition – Playfulness and the lack Thereof, including more prominent artists. Alannah Robins process will be followed by Liquorice Festival website / Facebook, where we will continuously update on what Alannah Robins needs in order to succeed in the creation of this unique work and we will all be able to assist her in this, nothing ventured nothing gained! Support the project “A Sculpture in Liquorice” on Kickstarter NOW!  
A Song of Parting Alannah Robins Galleri Duerr Stockholm
A Song of Parting

Alannah Robins
 graduated with an honours degree in sculpture from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. Alannah was an initiator and driving force behind the artist run Atlantic Artists Gallery and Studio in Connemara – a sparsely populated area between the mountains and the sea on the west coast of Ireland. Recent years exhibit iun London at the Dialogue Cultural Space and Tegen 2 in Stockholm. In Sweden, she works in the artist collective Detroit.​ 

Alannah Robins Reflex Lakritsfestivalen 2015 Galleri Duerr Stockholm

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