Playfulness and the Lack Thereof

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Alannah Robins Galleri Duerr A sculpture in liquorice Lakritsfestivalen2015
Alannah Robins Reflex Lakritsfestivalen 2015 Galleri Duerr Stockholm

Alannah Robins

Scandi Candy has now donated all the liquorice that Alannah Robins needs in order to complete her sculpture during the Liquorice Festival. However, we are still in need of funding to cover Alannah’s time, a prerequisite for her to complete the sculpture. Log in to our Kickstarter crowdfunding project site and pledge the amount of your choice in exchange for a reward  and spread this project through your own social media network.

Push the green button NOW and be an integral part of the ongoing project ”A sculpture in liquorice” – a part of Galleri Duerr’s exhibition “Playfulness and The Lack Thereof” also including works by American artists Matt Miley and David Eisenhauer and Swedish artists Lina L Baker and Patrik Lundell which will be shown at this year’s Liquorice Festival March 21-22 (10,000 visitors 2014) .


David Eisenhauer

Lina L Baker Galleri Duerr Lakritsfestivalen 2015

Lina L Baker

Matt Miley Galleri Duerr Playfull and the lack of thereof Lakritsfestivalen 2015

Patrik Lundell Galleri Duerr Lakritsfestivalen 2015

Patrik Lundell

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Producent Storyteller Moderator Facilitator Street Talk Coach Samtals Coachomaten

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