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Clarion Hotel Sign Galleri Duerr Stockholm Art Week 2015

closeup_sculpture_re We tried something new – with inspiration from Art Basel using Kickstarter to generate support for selected visual arts projects worldwide, we started our first very own crowdfunding project “A Sculpture in Liquorice”. Alannah Robins’ 1.5 meter tall sculpture is a work in progress – currently made with 35 kg of liquorice and first shown at the Liquorice Festival March 21-22, with over 11 000 visitors. During both the press conference and the Liquorice Festival, Alannah worked on building up the figure’s skirt. Her work drew crowds who enjoyed seeing such a professional contemporary artist in action. Johan Bülow and the Lakrids team from Denmark, who compete internationally in sculpting chocolate, had never seen anything like it. They came with some good advice on how to ensure that the sculpture will be long-lasting. Alannah Robins shared her experience as a sculptor in return. Who knows, maybe we will meet in the international arena. lotteberättar_bw Many interesting meetings and conversations took place during the Liquorice Festival, between art experts and people just interested in learning more. Galleri Duerr’s exhibition “Playfulness and the Lack Thereof” included the American artists Matt Miley and David Eisenhauer and Swedish artists Lina L. Baker and Patrik Lundell – a timely statement on the importance of play in our everyday lives.

Lina L Baker Don´t feed the animals no 2 Galleri Duerr Liquorice Festival 2015 Stockholm
Lina L Baker

We believe art exhibitions are great ways to tell important stories of our time, and that this storytelling is a way to make contemporary art more accessible to everyone, regardless of age. That is why Galleri Duerr has been operating as a pop-up gallery since June of 2014, with the goal of reaching out to a wider and more diversified audience with high quality art. Last year the gallery participated in the Affordable Art Fair Stockholm as one of the best selling galleries, with 14 500 visitors. People from 76 countries have found our website and we have since then been invited to exhibit in different countries with national and international contemporary artists.

David Eisenhauer Galleri Duerr Liquorice Festival 2015
David Eisenhauer
Alannah Robins

Galleri Duerr is now starting up a cooperation with Clarion Hotel Sign, a hotel focusing on art, music and design and which is a part of the hotel chain Nordic Choice Hotels. Founder Petter A. Stordalen measures success not only in money, but also in environmental impact and social responsibilityAlannah Robins 1.5 meter tall “Sculpture in Liquorice”  will be shown in Galleri Duerr’s Art Lounge at Clarion Hotel Sign during Stockholm Art Week April 14-19, together with her oil painting series “Woman under Water” and Matt Miley’s 3.05 meter tall drawings in ink! 

patrik lundell one for coconut
Patrik Lundell

April 16 at 7 pm / 19:00  Matt Miley will be telling us about his very special layering technique using three layers of ink drawings on film, also showing his 183 x 305 cm. tall “Assimilations in the Snow” from The Mesencephalon Trickster series. April 18 at 7 pm / 19:00 Patrik Lundell Live Art Painting April 19 at 1 pm / 13:00   “Strategies for Young Peoples Health”. The surplus revenue from these workshops is re-invested into Galleri Duerr to help finance exhibitions – just like Deborah Duerr´s artisan knäckebröd “Deborahs Extraknäck” with labels designed in collaboration with various artists. The hardbread can be purchased at Clarion Hotel Sign during Art Week. Matt Miley Galeri Duerr Clarion Hotel Sign Stockholm Art Week 2015 Each day at 12 noon, 4 pm and 7 pm April 14-19. Galleri Duerr will be hold a storytelling presentation about the on-going project  “A Sculpture in Liquorice” and Matt Miley’s “Assimilation in the Snow”. Why not have an “Arty Breakfast”, “Arty Lunch”, “Arty Brunch”, “Arty AW” or “Arty Dinner” at Clarion Hotel Sign. Food and drinks to be purchased at the American Table. And you might as well stay over! For every night a guest chooses a Nordic Choice Hotel, 100 sq meters of rainforest are saved for an entire year. As Petter A. Stordalen’s business card reads “Mens vi vokter regnskogen i arbeidstiden, tar våre gjester nattskiftet”. There is no business on a dead planet. Welcome to Galleri Duerr’s Pop-up Art Lounge at Clarion Hotel Sign. Matt Miley Alannah Robins Patrik Lundell

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