Friday Nuno Perestrelo!

Friday April 17 at 4 pm and 7 pm.

Lost Empires photographer Nuno Perestrelo
“To avoid repeating past mistakes, you must know and understand them”

After nearly 50 years of dictatorship and censorship the Portuguese, of which 60% could neither read nor write, stepped directly into the middle of the Cold War and a global market economy. The photographer Nuno Perestrelo, born 16 years after the peaceful Carnation Revolution in 1974, has captured a series of poetic images that bare traces of a time that once was, born out of the need to rescue that forgotten time.

The sites of Industrial monuments, not only influenced by the impact of time and nature but also of the promise of community development, economic crisis and chemical damage, were once places where people made their livelihood by farming and fishing. The photography project “Lost Empires” has brought Nuno Perestrelo closer to this forgotten piece of the history of his Portugal.

– I am not politically active, most people do not consider themselves to be, but everything we do and all of our choices become politics – even when we choose not to choose. How will young people be able to maintain a democracy when they barely understand how it works, barely know it’s history or even understand it’s fragility, says Nuno and asks if the fear of more economic sanctions extinguish the desire for social change.

Each day during Stockholm Art Week ​April 14-19 at 12 noon, 4 pm and 7 pm Galleri Duerr will hold a storytelling presentation about the on-going project with Alannah Robins’ 1.5 meter tall “A Sculpture in Liquorice”, her oilpaintings “Woman under water”, Nuno Perestrelos poetic large format images about democracy and Matt Mileys “Assimilation in the snow”.

Galleri Duerrs program at Clarion Hotel Sign – measures success not only in money, but also in environmental impact and social responsibility. The exhibition will stay at Clarion Sign until April 29th.

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