Patrik Lundell 7 pm

After two years in the artist’s paradise of Florence Patrik Lundell returned to Sweden with a Fine Art Certificate from Lorenzo de Medici as well as a certificate from the IL-Bisonte International School of Graphic Arts. Patrik Lundell uses various characters in his art – the Hobo, the Waiter, A bird called Jacky and Queen. The latter refers to the strong women who influenced his life, in particular his grandmother and his fiancé, interior designer Jacqueline Tamm.

– My first character, “Hobo”, was inspired by the tramp’s world in New York, Patrik tells me during a visit to his studio in the well-known artist’s collective Charmottehuset in Gustavsberg, the same space where Lisa Nilsson and Stig LIndberg also once worked. Hobos have their own language of visual symbols, drawing on walls in chalk or crayon in order to help each other out – symbols that say, for example, “You can find water here” or “The owner of this house is kind and helpful”. Another recurrent theme in Patrik’s art is his use of abandoned objects – doors, windows and more – now turned into art and with a new story to tell.

As other artists strive their entire lifetime to find the child within themselves, Patrik has already found that connection. Galleri Duerr is following his development with anticipation.

More about Patrik Lundell, his view of Street Art and his latest monoprints you can see in this movie.

Don´t miss Patrik Lundell’s Live Art Painting tonight at 7 pm in Galleri Duerr’s Art Lounge Clarion Hotel Sign.

Each day during Stockholm Art Week ​April 14-19 at 12 noon, 4 pm and 7 pm Galleri Duerr will hold a storytelling presentation about the on-going project with Alannah Robins’ 1.5 meter tall “A Sculpture in Liquorice”, her oil painting series “Woman Under Water”, Nuno Perestrelo’s poetic large-format images about democracy and Matt Miley’s “Assimilation in the Snow”.

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