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Alannah Robins A sculpture in liquorice Galleri Duerr Lydmar Stockholm

Galleri Duerr’s exhibition in the Art Lounge at Clarion Hotel Sign continues until April 28 including Culture Night April 25!  We will tell you the stories of:

Portuguese Nuno Perestrelo poetic large format colour images of Industrial monuments, not only influenced by the impact of time and nature but also of the promise of community development, economic crisis and chemical damage, places were once people made their livelihood by farming and fishing. “I am interested in the significance of this industrial activity for the family structure and my generation, now they do not have jobs or have jobs that are very poorly paid, and that forces them to emigrate at the same rate as the 60’s when there were a dictatorship, censorship and war”.

Nuno Perestrelo Galleri Duerr Stockholm Culture Week 2015 Clarion sign
Nuno Perestrelo
Alannah Robins Woman under water Stockholm Culture Night 2015 Clarion Sign
Alannah Robins

Irish Alannah Robins on-going project “A sculpture in Liquorice”  together with her oil painting series “Woman under Water”.

American Matt Mileys “Assimilation in the Snow” from The Mesencephalon Trickster series – made in New York/Misisippi, first time showing in Sweden. Heavily influenced by his life experiences in the southern United States. During graduate school, Matt pursued an opportunity to study in London and Amsterdam. There, he observed a complex social, cultural, and political environment. Europe bares some similarities to the southern United States but is often completely divergent. Matt’s research involved the critical reason, comparative mythology, and theory in contemporary art.

Culture Night April 25  at 5 pm, 7 pm, 9 pm and 11 pm Galleri Duerr will hold a storytelling presentation.

April 25 at 1 pm  “Strategies for Young Peoples Health”. The workshop will be held at the Clarion Hotel Sign Conference. The surplus revenue from these workshops is re-invested into Galleri Duerr to help finance exhibitions – just like Deborah Duerr´s artisan knäckebröd “Deborahs Extraknäck” with labels designed in collaboration with various artists. The hardbread can be purchased at Clarion Hotel Sign during Culture Night.

Every day until April 28 from 12 noon to 6 pm, we will be available in the lounge to tell you about the artists and their art. Please contact us if you would like to meet us outside of this timeframe. And of course you can just drop by anytime during Clarion Sign’s open hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 11 – 01 (Sunday – Monday to midnight) and as a hotel guest 24/7!

Matt Miley Assimilation in the snow Galleri Duerr Stockholm Culture Night 2015 Clarion Sign
Matt Miley

Welcome to Galleri Duerr’s Pop-up Art Lounge at Clarion Hotel Sign, a hotel focusing on art, music and design and which is a part of the hotel chain Nordic Choice Hotels. Founder Petter A. Stordalen measures success not only in money, but also in environmental impact and social responsibility! Why not hold an “ Arty Brunch”, “Arty AW” or “Arty Dinner” at Clarion Hotel Sign. You might as well stay over night. Food and drinks to be purchased at the American Table.

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