Let art in AAF October 1-4

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David Eisenhauer Galleri Duerr

Galleri Duerr proudly presents seven contemporary artists spanning five cultures and three generations working in different art forms at the Affordable Art Fair Stockholm.

Irish contemporary artist Alannah Robins’ work revolves around themes of identity, memory, migration and man’s relationship with nature. Her work “Woman of Water” is ranked by “The Guardian” to be one of the top eight sculptures of the female figure in England. Art Talk Thursday October 1 at 1.30 pm in Galleri Duerr´s booth C8, together with photographer Natalia Mikkola. Also at Saturday 1.30 and 3.30 pm.

Natalia Mikkola, painting with her camera lens, creates mystical landscapes which blurr the boundaries between the real and the imagined – already acquired by well-known collectors throughout Europe. Crimea/Åland/Finland/Sweden. 

Didier Mazuru strives to portray the sensation of an emotional connection rather than a direct and concrete idea. France/Sweden. Art Talk Friday October 2 at 3 pm. 

Matt Miley´s work is a reflection of his journey to find a higher awareness of his “moment to moment” experiences. USA/Sweden. Art Talk Friday October 2 at 5 pm.

David Eisenhauer, always on the lookout for new ideas and materials to explore. His career has concentrated on the sculptural and relatively small-scale possibilities of a number of ‘additive’ construction methods, where the elements of play,  trial and error are exploited – along with the sometimes positive surprises of pure chance. USA/Sweden (artwork on top).

Lina L Baker questions identity with her series “Don’t Feed the Animals” – seen not only through the eyes of the child, but maybe, and even more so, of the parent and other adults.  Also showing at Lydmar. Sweden. Art Talk Saturday October 3 at 4.30 pm.

Debora House´s  work is an act of meditation in motion, from moment to moment as she continuously strives to see the colours and forms as they materialize in front of her. USA/ Sweden.

Welcome to the Affordable Art Fair Stockholm October 1-4. We would love to see you in our booth C8! Download your ticket. On our guestlist? Check your latest MailChimp from Galleri Duerr.

The Author

Galleri Duerr believes art exhibitions are great ways to tell important stories of our time, and that storytelling is a way to make contemporary art more accessible to everyone, regardless of age. That is why Galleri Duerr has been operating as a pop-up gallery since June of 2014, with the goal of reaching out to a wider and more diversified audience with high quality art.

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