Christmas Each Day starts in Berlin

Natalia Mikkola Galleri Duerr No18 Stockholm

This past Christmas, Gallery Duerr made a guest appearance on Hornsgatspuckeln in a building from the 1640s. This year we plan on recreating this much appreciated event on what is most probably the oldest street in Stockholm, Köpmangatan, mentioned already in 1325. The street opened directly onto the medieval markets. Since 1837, known as Stortorgets Julmarknad. In the heart of Gamla Stan, today’s Christmas Market has since 1915 managed to retain the high quality of Swedish handicrafts and delicacies from all corners of Sweden. The Christmas market always opens on the last Saturday in November, the same day on which the the annual scholarship “For excellent art, and efforts to encourage a culture-friendly environment” is awarded. A large number of the city’s artistic adornments – portals and sculptures – has been made possible simply by virtue of various scholarships and cultural subsidies. A much appreciated event during the holidays is a live Christmas Calendar. Each day, from December 1 to Christmas Eve, a window will open somewhere in Gamla Stan, with both known and unknown artists performing with a music, a song, a poem or even a story.

At the Affordable Art Fair 2015.

At Köpmangatan 22 we will open with the collective exhibition “Christmas Each Day”. An exhibition that will constantly change based on what our visitors go home with. Our ambition is that this year’s Christmas gift becomes art – whether it ends up in a wrapped package or stays in the heart of the person who could not resist stopping at our window. But before we open in Gamla Stan, we are making a stop in the infamous Borchardt private rooms in Berlin, representing one of our artists, photographer Natalia Mikkola. After all, it is here in Germany that the Christmas tree once originated. Berlin has more than any other city demonstrated that the universal language of art creates a more lasting foundation for interpersonal relationships.

The surplus from all sales at all of our exhibitions is reinvested in our work towards our participation at Almedalen, where we are working to highlight positive role models in art and culture as a counterweight to how the younger generation is often portrayed in today’s gaming world, an activity dominating more and more of our children and young people’s leisure time.

“Christmas Each Day” takes place

Köpmangatan 22
November 21 – December 13
Tuesday – Sunday 12 am – 6 pm. 

Wednesday December 9 open to 8 pm!
Participating Natalia Mikkola, Alannah Robins, Nuno Perestrelo, Barbara Bunke, Matt Miley, David Eisenhauer, Lina L. Baker and Kapoth.

Roslagsgatan, November 25 at 5 – 8 pm in the Studio Soudah
RSVP Nov 24 to lotte(at)

Skeppargatan, December 2 at 5-8 pm in David Eisenhauer´s studio
RSVP Dec 1 to lotte(at)

Kungsgatan 57, December 11 at 10 am – 7 pm
Saturday December 12 at 11 am – 6 pm
At HTLin cooperation with the Affordable Art Fair, Galleri Duerr is showing some of our smaller pieces in the aim of making art for this year’s Christmas gift. Kapoth, Barbara Bunke, Lina L. Baker, David Eisenhauer.

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