Didier Mazuru featured artist at Festival O/Modernt

JUNE 10–15

For centuries the past has been the source of inspiration for artists, not least those dedicated to the craft of musical composition. It was merely the idea of Greek music and the role that it purportedly played in ancient society that gave birth, at the turn of the seventeenth century, to the most extravagant of all genres, opera.

Festival O/MODƏRNT celebrates this “looking back” to the past by exploring the relationships between the work of old composers and the artistic and intellectual creations of modern culture, be it in music, art, dance, theatre, film, poetry, literature, academia and so forth.

Each year a single composer closely contemporary with the period when the Ulriksdals Palace Theatre Confidencen first rose to life will be the guiding spirit of the festival.

The sixth edition of Festival O/MODƏRNT is inspired by the muse of Georg Frideric Handel. Renowned for his ‘borrowing’ of music material both from himself and others. Commenting on Georg Händel´s habit of borrowing music from others and making it his own, he wittily said: ‘It is much too good for them; they don’t know what to do with it.’
This summer’s weeklong voyage through music, art and literature is guided by the ART of BORROWING.

Didier Mazuru was born in Paris in 1953. After receiving a degree in Architecture in 1981, he moved to Stockholm to devote himself entirely to painting. Didier’s early works are mostly post-surrealistic, becoming more abstract with time. Not only did his work develop in another direction, but his work process also evolved from being very structured to more spontaneous, leading him into the totally improvised methodology evident in his work today. He has had numerous solo exhibitions in Paris, St Etienne, Lyon, Stockholm and Germany since 1984. He participated in a show honoring the French visionary artists ‘Les visionaires’ at the Grafiskkunst der Gegenwart aus Frankreich, Panorama Museum, Germany in 2012. His most recent show was earlier in 2016 with the exibition ‘Travel into the Imaginary’ at Galerie Les Yeux Fertiles in Paris. Didier currently lives and works in both Stockholm and Paris. Nearly 40% of this years 130-page programme book is filled with Didier’s art, representative of his early post-surrealistic period to his more abstract works of today!

Didier Mazuru on Artsy

“One of Sweden’s coolest and most exciting festivals” SVD

“In time, space, and media, it may be the most multi-dimensional classical festival in the world” OPUS

“It may be the most multi-dimensional – in time, space, and media Classical Festival – in the world” THE LONDON MAGAZINE

Artistic director 2016: Hugo Ticciati
Short film on Festival O/Modernt

Festival programme design Deborah Duerr | Galleri Duerr

Galleri Duerr´s Upcoming exhibitions

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