Almedalen 3-10 July Empowerment

From a cog in the materialistic wheel to a backpack focused on values. The Swedish non-profit Children’s Empowerment Organization ABC Charity has been published in over 100 newspapers around the world and has received the support of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu. Founders Filip Cederholm, former advertising photographer, and Ashley Cooper, inspirational speaker, have encouraged businesses, creators, artists and performers worldwide to take responsibility for the way they communicate and the effect it has on children and young people’s values. ABC Charity is creating the first-ever human alphabet – each letter formed by five hundred children in different countries, giving them a day to remember for the rest of their life.

The Photo Art is sold to raise money for local charity projects giving children in need a better start in life. Thanks to ABC Charity partners there are no overhead costs and 100% goes directly to a local children’s charity of the buyer’s choice. So far the letters A–G are available in ABC Charity’s webshop. ABC Charity’s goal is to find partners to help finance the rest of the letters by the end of 2019. During Almedalsveckan, in the midst of Almedalens Goda Samtal (good conversations), Galleri Duerr is showing some of the large format photographs in collaboration with Initiativ Samutveckling and Kultur i Almedalen. The exhibition includes the conversations;

WEDNESDAY JULI 6, 13.15–14.45 Almedalens Goda Samtal, S:t Hansg. 32, Visby
“Throughout journey´s around the World, working with thousands of children, no matter where they come from it is obvious how  the kid´s are impacted by artists actions and imitate their behaviour.  Where do our values come from? Who gave them to us? Are they benefiting our life experience? If not, how can we change them to benefit both ourselves and the society at large.
Dialogue hosts: 
Photographer Filip Cederholm, inspirational speaker Ashley Cooper, co-founders ABC Charity (this event is highlighted by Sveriges kommunikatörer)

TORSDAG 20 (direkt efter partiledartalet)
Vad hände med grundlagsparagrafen om otillbörlig våldsspridning gällande barn och vart tog vi vuxna vägen? Eller har det blivit barns ansvar att värja sig mot ultravåld och våldspornografi. Hur skyddar vi barnen? Problemställningar och lösningar.
Arr:  Fler Unga / Galleri Duerr /  Initiativ Samutveckling

SUNDAY JULY 3, 16-17.30, Almedalens Goda Samtal, S:t Hansg. 32, Visby
Has it become our children’s responsibility to protect themselves in the digital arena?

How can we support the children, their parents and the schools in these issues.
Dialogue host: Lotte Johansson, teenageparent, Galleri Duerr
Contributors among others: Staffan Forssell, GD, Swedish Arts Council
Johanna Nylander, Policy Affairs, Swedish Games Industry, Caroline Engvall, Author Virtuell våldtäkt.
Stéphanie Thögersen, Program Manager, Sweden´s Women Lobby

TUESDAY JULY 5, 11-12, Mellang. 21, Visby
To give young people tools to deal with peer pressure and many times an incomprehensible world 36 young people created the unlicensed method of health guidance “Du bestämmer /You Decide” based on young people’s own ideas about health and what they can do to improve it, constantly evaluated by students involved in different countries. Even if the results show that the participating students develope higher self-esteem, better control of their lives, more health promotion activities and gained access to a strategy they can use on a daily basis, the method is rarely used, why? To achieve good results, it is important that the right conditions are given in this work. Lotte Johansson, who have good results of working with the method will lead the dialogue about the the method, the key´s to introduce the method to your staff and how to reach the students.
(A 30 min summery from Hungergames girl is presented 10.30-11)
Lotte Johansson / Galleri Duerr / Initiativ Samutveckling

DIALOGUES on urgent self-leadership issues with participants from eight countries will take place in the midst of Filip Cederholm´s photo exhibition ABC Charity – Children’s Empowerment, Curated by Galleri Duerr, July 3-10 7:55 – 19:00, Almedalens Goda Samtal, S:t Hansg. 32, Visby. Program Amedalens Goda Samtal. Welcome to take part in the good conversations.

SUMMERTIME – a part of The Art Roadshow. A Collective Exhibition including our artists . Appointments only: Art Advisor Irene Carlson, certified by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Why not follow Galleri Duerr on Artsy?