Smart Citizen Conversation Kaufmann/Rise Interactive/Openlab

BRUNO KAUFMANN, journalist, chief editor – People2Power, the global media platform and Democracy International. Co-Founder, Co-President for the Global Democracy Conference – Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy. Awarded from the European Parliament for his efforts to enhance visibility and teach people to use direct democracy tools. Leads the Electoral and democracy board in Falu municipality. Expert in EU issues regarding active citizenship and participatory democracy and a part of the parliamentary reference group in the Democracy investigation 2014

RISE INTERACTIVE moves the focus from the image of the ideal smart city, driven by algorithms and digital interactions, to support people’s creativity and ingenuity in everyday interactions.

OPENLAB – open innovation location that creates the conditions for solving social challenges. Together with students, researchers, public and voluntary sectors, enterprises, startups and citizens, the focus is to make Stockholm a global center for social innovation that improves quality of life for citizens. Do first – think – retry.

Our goal is to create tools to select and deselect.

#ArtWall Stockholm 30 meter showing couture by Mari Miltvedt, art by Gustav Hjelmgren, Christer Fjellis Fjellman, Paul Quant, Matt Miley, Alannah Robins, Lola Akinmade Åkerström, Kapoth, Lina L Lina Löfström Baker, Filip Cederholm and David Eisenhauer.

NAV-scenen, Markusplatsen 9 (mittemot Dieselverkstan)
Monday 20 March 17-18.30

Photography on top by Nuno Perestrelo, Portugal


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