Art Week Stockholm

Lola Akinmed Galleri Duerr Antikmässan Scandinavian Photo

ArtWall 30 meter opening hours during ArtWeek
Tuesday 5–9 pm Artist Talk and Art Wall
Wednesday–Sunday 12–1 pm Guided tour ArtWall 30 meter

ArtWall 30 meter, with work by Maria Turchenkova, Kapoth, Filip Cederholm, Christer Fjellis Fjellman, Paul Quant, Gustav Hjelmgren, Matt Miley, Lola Akinmade Åkerström, Lina Löfström Baker, Alannah Robins, Natalia Mikkola, David Eisenhauer and wearable art by Mari Miltvedt.

Tuesday March 21
5 PM: Guided tour ArtWall 30-meter by Galleri Duerr
5:30 – 6 PM: Film viewing of True Intentions, a 30 min. documentary on an art branding project for a sustainable future.

6:15 PM: Action for Sustainability.
Artist Linda Norfors and filmmaker Ronnit Hasson from the film “True Intentions” meet Nicholas B. Torretta, Rise Interactive researchers and Per Olsson of the Stockholm Resilience Centre and Stockholm University for a stimulating conversation. Moderated by writer and director Pernilla Glaser.

Arranged by NAV Sweden, RISE Interactive and Nacka Kommun.

Guided tour ArtWall 30 meter after the talk

NAV SWEDEN, Markusplatsen 9, Sickla
ART WEEK #saw17


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