PLANKET. Sat Aug 26. 2017

PLANKET Stockholm on Lilla Mejtens Gränd celebrates 35 years – a visual feast for the eyes and soul for one day only, with the photographic works of amateur and professional photographers hanging side by side on the red fences of Söder. Last year, over 3,000 visitors could see the works of 140 photographers, among them our very own Lina L. Baker!


This year, the man behind the return of Planket 2016, Christer “Fjellis” Fjellman, is once again a driving force, working together with a group of dedicated photographers to make Planket 2017 an unforgettable experience. Galleri Duerr has the honour of representing his series Slussen – Mon Amour, a beautiful downfall in detail, photographed 2014-2016.

Everything began in 1982 when photographer Neil Goldstein was inspired by outdoor exhibitions in Washington Square Park, New York. Together with Irene Berggren, Lars Hall, Bror Karlsson, Gunnar Smoliansky and Rebecka Tarschys, a tradition of outdoor exhibitions was founded.

Last year, images of well-known photographers Lennart Nilsson, Karolina Henke, Helene Schmitz, Martin Von Krogh, Carl Bengtsson and Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin were shown.

Stop by Planket 2017 and exchange a few words or more with Christer “Fjellis” Fjellman, Paul Quant, Filip Cederholm, Lola Akinmade Åkerström, and Martin Lima de Faria – all represented by Galleri Duerr. You might even meet Sonja Hesslow, whose work we exhibited 2014!

Venue and date / time. Saturday, August 26, kl. 12-19. Lilla Mejtens Gränd in Vitabergsparken, Söder, Stockholm. After-party at Fotografiska.