Galleri Duerr is proud to present EDITIONS, a selection of limited edition fine art prints and lithographs. Please contact the gallery for availability and prices, or if you would like to see the work live at our exhibition space at Linnégatan 89B/C in the Garnisonen complex on Östermalm. We are happy to arrange group showings at a time that fits your schedule.

We can also help you with framing, transport and even hanging.

As an artist, Paul Quant is curious, challenging, questioning and perceptive. He is often attracted to ideas and techniques that he later uses in his own imagery. Questioning and challenging the definition of normal, using a methodology that has its origins in his many years of experience in advertising,
Hans Malm, b. 1962. Lives and works in Gustavsberg, Sweden.Before starting to work with photographic projects Malm has been an engineer and copywriter. He had his first solo exhibition in 2008 and has also published two photo books: Sleeping with the Lights On (Kehrer Verlag, 2013) and Mobilism (Bœcker
Karl Mårtens was born in San Francisco 1956, and grew up in the vicinity of Drottningholm, outside of Stockholm. At the age of 16 he moved to Switzerland and from there to Canada, and eventually back to San Francisco. After 24 years away from Sweden he returned to Sweden
Sem Larsen, born 1964, is a photographer living in Öxnevalla, Sweden.In this African Savannah suite shot in national parks in Kenya and Tanzania, Sem uses the graphic process of photopolymer etching to enhance his final images. His hope is to raise awareness about poaching and specie extinction.   About
Sonja Hesslow was born in 1988. Upon graduation from Media School, Media College of Denmark, Sonja received an award for “distinctive visual artistic style” and has worked as a photography assistant for the prominent photographer Cooper & Gorfer, among others. “I love using my imagination to create new images.
Det började med att Christer Fjellman tog ett extra jobb som 13- åring för att utöka sin åtråvärda samling av serietidningar. På Semic Press tecknarateljé träffade han serieskaparen Rolf Gohs, mannen som införde realismen i svensk serietradition, men det var mer Gohs fotokunskaper som fick Fjellman att sälja sin
Nygårds Karin Bengtsson (born in Mora, Sweden, 1972) works with staged photography. She has a background studying both theatre and documentary photography before entering art school; University of Art and Design (Aalto University), Helsinki, Finland, from where she holds a Master of Fine Arts (2003). Her background is visible in