Hans Malm

Hans Malm, b. 1962. Lives and works in Gustavsberg, Sweden.
Before starting to work with photographic projects Malm has been an engineer and copywriter. He had his first solo exhibition in 2008 and has also published two photo books: Sleeping with the Lights On (Kehrer Verlag, 2013) and Mobilism (Bœcker Books, 2015).

Hans Malm is working in a documentary style and believes in discovering art in the ordinary. His photographs are therefore more ”captured” than ”made”. The themes are mostly circling around architecture, infrastructure and people’s relation to those. He is currently working with a series about the people moving through Slussen in Stockholm, a modernist traffic junction that has now been torn down to make way for a much debated construction.

Electric City, 2009. When this series was photographed, wireless electricity was mostly something that could be found in laboratories. Now you can buy a cheap wireless charger for your smartphone at Ikea.The wires in these pictures will soon be, or sometimes already are, relics from another age. Technology changes, and it changes fast. When the smartphone was introduced in 2007 we could not predict how fast it would dominate us. Since then it has changed both our behavior, our lives and the tone of the dialogue in our society. It has even been part in changing world politics. AI is probably one of the technologies that stand in the doorway to change our future next, and we do not yet know all the positive and negative implications it will have on our lives. The only thing we know is that it will create change, and it will do it fast.

Electric City was photographed in Bangkok, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Stockholm and other places. The series consists of 89 different images, all in edition 1 + 1 AP, various sizes.

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