Sem Larsen

Sem Larsen, born 1964, is a photographer living in Öxnevalla, Sweden.
In this African Savannah suite shot in national parks in Kenya and Tanzania, Sem uses the graphic process of photopolymer etching to enhance his final images. His hope is to raise awareness about poaching and specie extinction.

About Photopolymer (Solarplate) Etching
In this printmaking process, an image is transferred to a light sensitive plate, called a solarplate, and exposed to the sun or inside a lightbox. After the image is transferred to the plate, the plate is rinsed in water, dried, and then inked and printed on an etching press.

Fotohögskolan, Gothenburg

Upon completion of his photographic studies in 1989, Sem joined the photo agency Korthuset and later even Pix Gallery. As a freelancer, his assignments were mostly architecture, travel and product shoots.

Selected exhibitions
Rydals museum
Hasselblad Center, Gothenburg
Vänersborgs Konsthall, Vänersborg
Krapperups Konsthall, Nyhamnsläge

Hasselbladsstipendiet 1996
Tore G. Wärenstams stiftelses stipendium, 2013

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