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Debora House Galleri Duerr Stockholm Hornsgatspuckeln 44
Debora House at work.

“Painting is similar to a jazz session; I pick up an instrument and play my heart out, each colour a new sound. On another day, in another moment, the song will be different.

When I feel a piece is almost finished, I allow myself a moment of reflection and just let the painting be. I put it aside. Suddenly, as I re-enter the studio with fresh eyes, I can pick up a brush, put in some colour that I didn’t consider before and it’s done!

That moment can never be coerced. It just has to happen at the right moment in time.

I have been fortunate to work with some very inspiring and amazing people. Leatice Eiseman, who I worked with on a color project for Pantone, hired me to rearrange the Pantone fan deck in a new order and insert 200 completely new colors, working with the chemists to fill in the gaps. Because I am able to discern such minute variations in tones and shades, it was exactly the right kind of work for me. It was a privilege to be in her orbit and to see how she works.

Artist and gallery owner Judith Kindler, who represented me in Seattle at Atelier 31, is another fabulous woman. We both had textile companies and and we both migrated to painting. I always felt that I had to take everything very seriously with her and up my game because I was exhibiting with such influential artists. The mere fear of hanging next to them made me dig deep inside myself and draw out my best effort.

I work from the inside out. I am normally very organized and plan my life, but when painting I jump in at the deep end and make my way to the shore – never in the same water twice.”

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