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Liljevalchs Vårsalong 2014 chose two paintings of Samir Soudah – highlighted in the publications Svenska Dagbladet, Metro and GRIP. Mårten Castenfors, head of Liljevalchs, presented Samir Soudah’s works as a prime example of what Liljevalchs Vårsalong really stands for in an interview for Swedish television, SVT.

Another piece had to be removed for safekeeping after an attempted stealth – a larger version of a piece he anonymously posted to Mårten Castenfors, who had it framed and hung on his office wall.

Samir Soudah’s path into the creative arena went by the art of photography by working as an apprentice to contemporary photographer Lars Tunbjörk, of which Samir has a signed image. He has also worked as an assistant to Åke E:son Lindman, one of Europe’s foremost architectural photographers, and photographer Jonas Karlsson, who currently works with Vanity Fair in New York.

Recently Samir Soudah created an acclaimed installation on the highest point of Lidingö bridge, consisting of a chair, a table and a lamp – all safely tied together. Climbing with everything wrapped in one neat package, he documented each step along the way.

Upon seeing one of Samir Soudah’s photos of the flag he had placed on the pinnacle of the bridge bearing his pseudonym “k-a-p-o-t-h”, I became curious about his background. His father fled from Palestine. While working with a Swedish industrial company he met Samir Soudah´s mother in the Orient when she was working with the Swedish Foreign Ministry. The family later lived in Spain and Mexico, finally settling down in Samir Soudah´s mother’s homeland.

Once in the Swedish school system, Samir Soudah’s speculations revolved around how to successfully blend in, already speaking three different languages and constantly pointing at the map to where he had been, in a class where only one had traveled abroad.

Kapoth will gladly spend his evenings painting with a glass or two of red wine by his side in his ateljé on Roslagsgatan.

Kapoth has had a solo show with Galleri Duerr, has exhibited at the Nordic Art and Antiques Fair, Antikmässan Stockholm 2016, Art Week Stockholm 2016 (Barneby’s article) and The Affordable Art Fair 2016.

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