ABC Charity


From a cog in the materialistic wheel to a backpack focused on values. The Swedish non-profit Children’s Empowerment Organization ABC Charity has been published in over 100 newspapers around the world and has received the support of Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu. Founders Filip Cederholm, former advertising photographer and Ashley Cooper, inspirational speaker, has encouraged businesses, creators, artists and performers all over the world to take responsibility for the way they communicate and the effect it has on children and young people’s values.

ABC Charity are creating the first ever human alphabet – letters formed by thousands of kid´s around the world – photographed from the sky. In Sweden, when the letter C was done the parents messaged ABC Charity saying that it was the first time ever that their kids had come home after school saying that they want to help other kids.

In South Africa, the letter A was made next to a gentle silver sea with 500 kids from townships outside Cape Town.
– When we were children, we worked to get A’s in school. The children of the ABC Charity had shown us what it’s like to get an A in life” Most of them had never seen the beach before.

ABC Charity is an adventure that criss-cross continents and gather the promise of the future in a shared spirit of cooperation, optimism and hope. Friends, family, co-workers, sports team, choir, students, bands, etc, can start a fundraising campaign to fund the
production of one letter and give 500 kids a day to remember for life. The letters are sold as photo art to raise money for local project´s to to give them children in need a better start in life.

Start collect the letters of your company, children or as a gift. Thanks to ABC Charity partners there are no overhead costs and 100% of all art sales can go directly to a local kids charity of your choice.