“Paradoxically, as we more frequently use digital media to communicate, physical meetings become increasingly important. But we use our meetings in new ways, often to rather strengthen relationships on a personal level, and maybe to touch base on mutual points of interest that are not necessarily work oriented. These kinds of meetings calls for a new kind of office space, we believe. No18 is simply for all who believe that great ideas come alive when people join minds to cooperate and inspire each other in the right environment”
/ Michel Gordon – Founder No18

The core of business development is to have proximity to other professional people and being able to share their experiences, knowledge and networks. Many entrepreneurs and business owners would agree how important it is with a favorable environment in order to free one’s mind, be creative and turn vague visions into reality. It really goes without saying that a working environment filled with an atmosphere of creativity, fantasy, positivism and curiosity is beneficial to the development of both the individual and the business. But such a working environment doesn’t just occur by itself, and it cannot be created artificially. To build atmosphere you need people and in the end it’s the sum of all individuals that makes up the culture.No18 Galleri Duerr Stockholm

The idea behind No18 emerged out of reflections like these about creativity, entrepreneurship, working environments and, not
least, the insight that projects always benefit from collaborations within flexible networks. At Stureplan, right in the very center of Stockholm’s vibrant business district, No18 are creating a professional venue that erases boundaries between office, member club and the private living room. Do like Galleri Duerr, be a part of their idea and vision – we are now showing works of Photographer Natalia Mikkola.