CURRENT. 12/01–11/02/2023.

19:00 – 21:00

Presentation and discussion of the book “Myrmidonerna” with translator Jan Stolpe and publisher Jonas Ellerström, followed by a play reading with the actors Rasmus Luthander and Johan Holmberg together with artist Karl Dunér and flutist Kerstin Frödin.
The presentation and reading will be held in Swedish.
Please RSVP to info@galleriduerr

We are pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Karl Dunér in the artist’s first show with the gallery. A series of twenty-nine photographs and paintings linked to Aeschylus’ lost play Myrmidons, each image is glued or painted on bent sheet aluminum.

The twenty-nine PARABOLER presented in this exhibition are linked to the found fragments and preserved texts of Aeschylus’ lost play that have been found at this date in time.

For this presentation of work, Jan Stolpe and Lars-Håkan Svensson created the first Swedish translation of these preserved fragments. These texts are now published as a limited edition book of 99 copies in collaboration with Ellerströms Text & Musik Förlag. The book release and signing will take place during the opening on January 12. Shortly thereafter, the gallery will host a presentation of the book with the translators Jan Stolpe and Lars-Håkan Svensson together with the artist Karl Dunér (date yet to be announced).

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A few miles from the Nile in central Egypt, at the end of the 19th century, the remains of the ancient city of Oxyrhynchos were found. The city had its golden age in the period between Alexander the Great’s conquest of Egypt in 342 B.C. and the end of the Roman period in the 4th century. With its canals connecting *to the Nile, the city was an important trading post and served as a link to the Libyan oases. During the 7th century, the canal system was sanded over and the city slowly fell into oblivion.

In 1896, during excavations still going on today, a large ancient rubbish heap was found with over 400,000 papyrus fragments. Everything from everyday texts such as diaries, letters, horoscopes, procurement lists, drawings, court records, circus programs, certificates, and contracts of all kinds were found. Apocryphal and biblical texts as well as poems by Alkman and Sappho were also found in the rubbish heap along with texts by Plato, Homer, Simonides, Menandros, Euclid, Hesiod, and countless fragments by unknown authors from throughout the ancient period. The interpretation of all these small pieces has been going on since the 1930s and has so far resulted in over 80 large volumes in the Oxyrhynchus Papyri series published by Oxford University. Among the papyrus fragments are four that are thought to belong to Aeschylus’ long-lost breakthrough play Myrmidons P.Oxy 2163, P.Oxy 2256, PSI 1211 och PSI 1472.

Dunér’s exhibition PARABOLER includes a selection of new sound sculptures.

Karl Dunér (b. 1963) is a Swedish visual artist and theater director. His solo exhibition entitled Islands (Öar) at Prins Eugen’s Waldemarsudde in Stockholm in 2021, and later at the Swedish Institute Paris, showed, among others, a work with nine mechanical dolls. In Dunér’s visually strong works, there are often interesting references to drama, theater, and literature. Since his first exhibition of mechanical sculptures in 1997, a large part of Dunér’s work revolves around “Memory” and the “Art of Memory”.