Natalia Mikkola

Born and raised on the Crimean Peninsula, painter and photographer Natalia Mikkola is now based on the island of Åland in the Baltic Sea. Here she finds the peace and the bond with nature that fuels her creativity and positive spirit.

Natalia Mikkola is an artist who took the long route towards realizing her creative ambitions. Growing up as a little girl in Ukraine, it was her grandmother who opened her eyes to the art world by showing her around the magnificent palaces and art museums in Crimea. But the seed planted there and then didn’t blossom immediately. It wasn’t until after a long stint of working in maritime law and economics that Mikkola gathered the courage to try her wings in the creative field. A stint she says helped her establish an outlook on life that proved advantageous to her artistic expression.

Mikkola’s photos are dreamy moments in time, more often than not depicting scenes from her many travels around the world, where the pure and untouched nature takes the front seat.

“My main goal is to convey my emotions and share my experiences with the world. Whenever I have a camera and see something that excites me I want to capture that moment and share it with others. I’ve had the great fortune to travel the world and I hope my images can help the viewer to escape reality for a moment and enjoy a change of scenery, even in their imagination. I am very positive by nature and even in tough times I wake up thinking it’s a new day with new opportunities. I look at every day as an opportunity to meet new and inspiring people and to learn from each new encounter.”

“When painting I give each piece a lot of thought before coming up with a subject and a mood and then I take it from there. But with photography it is really all about capturing the moment and being technically skilled enough to execute it properly.”

“I look at every day as an opportunity to meet new and inspiring people and to learn from each new encounter.”

“I have always had a bond to nature. Nature gives me so much inspiration and always makes me feel calm. If I spend a week in the city I have to equal that out by spending the following week in Åland for example, because I always need the boost from being in and around nature. The ocean, the woods, the wind; without it I don’t think I would be able to create anything of value.”

Excerpts from an interview with Nicholas Bonde for c.qp.


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