Åsa Johansson

Åsa Johansson (b.1992 in Gothenburg, currently based in Stockholm) is a designer and artist who investigates the ceramic process by working with the basic geometric shapes. She explores these forms and embodies them to balance the simplest and clearest elements of design. The geometry in her objects, together with the surface’s handworked quality, creates an exciting and dynamic relationship. She combines soft, colorful glazes with different textures on a surface with a rigid body, making opposition to each other.
During TAKEAWAY she is showing her Bodily Experiments where she is working with gravity, movement, and forces. Through distortion, her forms get empathy and a new life. The objects are imploding by themselves. A curiosity takes form and is questioning the agreed formats.

Ceramic Cube
Slipcast, stoneware, year 20/21
Height 16 cm, width 16 cm, depth 16 cm

Ceramic Rectangle Block
Slipcast, stoneware, year 20/21
Height ca 23 cm, width 10 cm, depth 10 cm

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