Christoffer Svärd

The artist is currently studying to be an Art/design teacher at Konstfack (IBIS17, DESIGN GY). At the moment he is involved in a variety of projects, stretching from a design collaboration with MSB, to illustrating various artworks for different contractors. Christoffer is also teaching as a special educator at an elementary school. Besides that he is also addicted to coffee and likes to chill with his two kids and two (shitty) kittys.

The ShittyKitty pattern project was created during the Konstfack course Design Immersion 15 hp (fördjupning design 15 hp) and is mainly a focus on patterns and it’s specific impact on design. Christoffer created a pattern that he wanted to apply to different mediums and materials, either through graphics or crafting. The purpose was to determine when the pattern became more then the object itself, or vice versa.

The ShittyKittyPattern (2020):
The whole idea of the pattern is the thought and idea of having a pattern report that almost speaks universally unto different objects and materials, either 2D or 3D. Therefore the pattern itself could not be too drastically figuratively, or on the other hand, too abstract. After reviewing patterns from some of his previous works, the artist started to create the report and came to the conclusion that an almost cubistic and pixelated effect would be best
suited. He also drew inspiration from Rietveld’s and Mondrians works in terms of their interaction with rectangular fields.

The pattern is the artist’s perception or experience, of stacking cubes, rectangles through different mediums. Be they toys, building materials or art materials, has no particular relevance – the importance is the actual feeling of said materials being stacked.

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