Ammy Olofsson

Ammy Olofsson graduated from the masters programme in CRAFT! Ceramics and Glass at Konstfack 2016. She runs a glasstudio i Bro outside Stockholm together with her collegue Erika Kristofersson Bredberg. Beside her own art practice she is also a member of the feminist glass artist groop BOOM!. Olofsson is interested in science and the specific material qualities of glass – both from a technical and an aesthetic point of view.

Whatcha Gonna Do, I’m the Bold Illusion (2013 – ongoing)
”We know mirages and rainbows are a scientific phenomenon, yet we experience something unreal. In a similar way, the sense of the unreal can be felt in relation to glass work which creates the feeling of an alchemistic myth, especially if one has experienced the process of glass blowing. Through Olofsson’s advanced skills in glass blowing, she acts like an alchemist multiplying organisms and challenging fluidity.

With a philosophical approach, Olofsson investigates the notion of tangible versus intangible in her project Whatcha Gonna Do, I’m the Bold Illusion. In the original installation, the relationship between truth and illusion emerges through her use of space, light and mirror in which pompous glass objects appear to gather and float and expose or dilute shadows to create an intangible experience. If the objects are removed from the installation, they become tangible, but still contain a feeling of illusion or mysticism like meteorites or minerals”
-Ikko Yokoyama

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