Ch.2 (The journey is long the burden is heavy)

Additional information

Dimensions 160 × 200 cm



oil on canvas

A few words about my work: My work emphasize movement, action, composition (balance) and the interaction of color and form. My working process begins spontaneously and intuitively. My pace is high and I work on several paintings at once and they vary in scale from small to large. My largest paintings are as big as I can reach with my body. I rearrange the placing of the canvases a lot while working. In that way I have a new entry to the paintings when working. One painting leads to another. It is important for me that my paintings have elements of opposites or contradictions. Hard and soft like clearly visible brushstrokes or sharp lines made with scrapers next to blurred out parts. The energy from big gestural strokes next to or over something more hesitant. I want the structure of the painted layers to come through from the process. I also want to get the feeling that the painting goes beyond the canvas, sometimes just slightly touching the edge, to get the feeling of it almost pulling out of the canvas. It is a intuitive decision making combined with stern appraisal. Not knowing what a painting will look like when completed. Where each painting becomes a chapter. As windows to something else.
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