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Dimensions 19 × 20 cm

20,000 kr

The lamp Cornerstone takes 3D-printing to another level. This art piece is printed as one solid piece. The dimensions and structure challenges today’s modern technologies and sets new boundaries of 3D-printing.
Noah has always been fascinated by classic architecture, ornaments and columns. The lamp Cornerstone is a contemporary interpretation of what a column symbolises.
Poem: Who is your Cornerstone?
”A columns purpose is to support something. It is most often used in buildings and houses to carry a heavy load and serve a vital purpose for the buildings structure. Without columns nothing can stand tall. Without columns everything falls apart. Nothing is safe without its cornerstone.
Who is your cornerstone?”
I believe we all have or can have a cornerstone in our lifes. Someone who cares beyond measure and always is a support to rely on. By directing the poem of column as if cornerstone in fact is a person, the implication totally changes and provokes different and deeper thoughts.
-It is in this association Noah has found the columns righteous symbolic meaning. He has made a lamp out of a column to remind each and everyone to pause and reflect on their own cornerstone and to find peace and joy.
Currently a one-off product.
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