Crucible of Light

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Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 74 × 74 × 42.2 cm

40,000 kr

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The Crucible of Light Dimensions: Glass plate: 740 x 740 x 7 mm Crucible: 600 x 600 x 415 mm Weight: approx. 120 KG This crucible was the birthplace of countless Swedish glass designs created by the skilled hands of world- renowned artisans. Repurposed as a lit coffee table, it brings history home to you. Inspired by the reduction of waste through design, the Crucible of Light is now the start of a planned circular economy. Rather than the costly and difficult disposal of the old melting pots after their average lifespan of 6 months, I arrange their transportation to my studio, and in return provide the hot shops with a brand new one – free of charge. Starting with the world-renowned Glass Factory in Boda and the eco-conscious Glasbolaget in Bro, the project will expand to more hotshops in the near future, helping to preserve the Swedish glass industry. By turning the melting pot into a utilitarian object in the form of a lit coffee table, it becomes a center piece in the home environment. The integrated light, controllable in light intensity and colour via remote control and mobile app, highlights the visual appearance of the intricate, cracked glass and is able to set the mood of an entire room.

Jan Klingler is an industrial designer from Germany who currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden. He received his BFA in Industrial Design from the Faculty of Design in Hildesheim, Germany in 2016, and his Master’s Degree in Individual Study/Industrial Design at Konstfack University in Stockholm, Sweden in 2018.

Jan enjoys finding design inspiration in the most unexpected of places. Most known for his work ‘bacteria lamp,’ he has been awarded and exhibited in Europe, Japan and the USA. Jan is looking for purpose and meaning in his creative work through creating strong and long-lasting relationships between his creations and their new owners.

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