det finns inget inre och inget yttre innan det finns en skillnad något som fördelar tiden

Additional information

Dimensions 63 × 10 × 3 cm

15,000 kr

det finns inget ner och inget upp innan det finns en skillnad något som fördelar tiden

casted pigmented glass.

thresholds about thresholds, threshold phenomena, time-space. about how differences can divide and reorganize time and space. about the will to expose and be exposed to a precise state, in a thickened time.

about being direct and distant at the same time. in order to be in a state of tension between here and there, now and then, one and another. about the threshold’s ability to make us present and absent at the same moment.

the threshold offers a magical realism and allows performances to take place between dream and reality. an intangible architecture creates an idea of spatiality, an idea of difference. notation of rooms that exist without presence. a dreamlogic. a play between perception and imagination. an impossible synchronicity. two truths that oppose each other.

and the thickening of time. the feeling of now, where the time is true and dissolved. it all starts at a threshold. the threshold as location and transition. the threshold as the opportunity that also carries us away from the place.

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