Everyday Foliage turquoise

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Dimensions 96 × 126 cm


Material / Technique

Screen-print on silk, embroidery

22,000 kr

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The diptych ‘Everyday foliage’ consists of two multi-media paintings, that can either hang together or on their own.

Made from hand dyed silk fabric, with many layers of screen printing and embroidery. In a very repetitive process, similar to collage, I embroider tiny cross-stitches that cover the printed surface. The embroidery is inspired by Hallandssöm which is made up of geometric pattern shapes, the bottom seam is varied in material and shape. The images are built up of different fragments and become a poetic observation of changes in everyday life and our surroundings. The houseplants are a part of everyday life; everyday life is like a textile pattern that constantly repeats itself. It is a glimpse of a fleeting moment before it disappears.

Martina Skyttberg (b.1989) is a Swedish artist based in Stockholm. She has an MFA in Textile from Konstfack University of Arts Crafts and Design in Stockholm 2017. Her work investigates different methods of making textile pictures. Exploring different traditional textile techniques such as hand dying, screen-printing and embroidery. Martina Skyttberg’s work has since her graduation been exhibited at Stockholms Auktionsverk, Aguélimuseet, with Ung Svensk Form and SEART Sweden’s Emerging Art.

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