Facade I

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Dimensions 2 × 150 × 80 cm


Material / Technique

Hand-printed poplar wood on raw linen

22,000 kr

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Unique Prints (1/1). Oak framed with UV Art Glass. The collective print series Motion I, II, III and Facade I, II (2019) is an ongoing work influenced by architecture reading as graphic dance notations. The compositions are created by hand printing slabs of poplar wood onto paper and linen using the relief printmaking method. Together the prints create a sequence and narration of motion, that can be interpreted into direction, space and physical movement. Jordana Loeb (b. 1987) is an American artist residing and working in Stockholm since 2012. She holds a BFA with a focus in printmaking from Syracuse University, College of Visual and Performing arts in New York. Her artistic practice investigates the translation and interpretation of physical motion through printmaking, sculpture and video. Jordana is interested in the relationship between body and material, and how the process stimulates spontaneity, curiosity and realization in her artistic process.
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    Facade I
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