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Dimensions 200 × 160 cm

90,000 kr

Title: Fish Medium: Painting Technique: Oil on canvas Year: 2020 The fish in the painting symbolizes a wide range of emotions. Above swims a Great Pink Shark with female genitalia. In the middle is a Piranha with a party hat and female genitalia. The party hat is a metaphor for an attitude that the piranha chooses in her relation to the emotional environment. Below swims a pair of twins expressing opposite feelings of admiration and contempt. They swim with other nearby fishes that express anger, catatonia, fear, and sadness. This is a reminder that all beings, either consciously or subconsciously, express a variety of emotions. The fish are trying, in their own way, to connect to human emotional knowledge and are at the same time drawing us into their separate narratives. The reactions and consequences of these emotions create all sorts of changes and movements throughout the world.
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