For the shot to move on. Foot, painted.

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Porcelain (slipcasted), underglaze painted. Objects N°8: 70mm x 60mm-90mm (various heights) Welcome to my laboratory. Who I am? I am a storyteller, a maker, a designer, an observer–I am a 21st-century alchemist and it is the Lapis Philosophorum I’m trying to create. I discovered alchemical investigation not as a field of ancient madness but as a timeless social phenomenon and is a reaction to this, I want to tell you a story about gold. Alchemy. A process of reconstruction and re-assemblement of organic and non-organic matter for understanding, controlling and improving the structures that surround us. In order to understand the movements and structures around me, I collected gold by collecting thoughts about what gold looks like today: It turned out to be a subjective value, often found in the small things: In actions of care and gestures of comfort. Not a mineral and not necessarily the final goal, but the core ingredient for mental health what is beautiful through its humbleness and therefore increasingly important to support or create. As a designer, I see myself in a service position. I experimented with the healing characteristics of objects which are supposed to serve the user with care, comfort, and energy. What you see here are two of 8 Objects, created with the idea of finding the Philosopher Stone.                      
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