Glimmer nr 3

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Dimensions 106 × 76 cm


15,000 kr

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Alexander is interested in new ways of visualising and interacting photographically with the landscape in the era of the Anthropocene. In an age marked by human over-exploitation of the environment he wants to question and redefine our relationship with the landscape, especially how we define and perceive it through photography.

The camera-less photographs in Glimmer have been made by shining light through semi-transparent wafers of the mineral muscovite onto light-sensitive colour paper. The billion-year-old muscovite, found in the rocks of southern Gothenburg, is reminiscent of photographic negatives – thin, silvery, and of varying transparency.

The resulting photographic prints, made using these “stone negatives”, reveal the ancient and intricate patterns of the landscape from within.

Each print is mounted on Dibond, with white wooden frames and museum glass. Each print is unique with no additional editions. The work is comprised of five prints, each 76 x 106 cm. The prints are mounted on Dibond, framed inside white wooden frames, with museum glass. Each print is unique with no additional editions.
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