Kari's Vase

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 15 cm

Blown glass, water, wood, light

1,400 kr

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Hand-blown glass vase inspired by a Norwegian glass artist. Kari’s Vas is intended for tulips or roses and meant to inspire a sophisticated setting. Available in dark olive green. While I was working in Norway at a glass studio Kari asked me to demonstrate a “fade”. A “fade” is a color technique where the color is more saturated on one end of the bubble than another. After setting up the bubble, applying the color and then achieving the amount of fade I wanted, I decided to make a cylinder. Mainly because it is quick and one of my favorite shapes to make. While I was finishing the lip of the cylinder my hand slipped, causing the opening of the cylinder to go off center. Instead of opening the cylinder completely, I chose to inflate the opening again, producing rounded shoulders. This was the birth of “Kari’s Vas”.
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