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friblåst glas, slipat glas

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Evelina Dovsten is a material based artist and maker based in Stockholm. She is a traditionally trained studio glassblower and started of as a production worker. She graduated from Konstfack (MFA) 2019 with the work: ”Every sampling is a testimony” and has today a studio in G-studion, Gustavsberg. In her work she often combine theory and practice where she uses her own bodily knowledge as a study object. The scientific aesthetics is essential in her works and talks about the human in need of control, and the impact and power this aesthetics has over us. Dovstens work is an invite to look at our society and see how the measurable is in charge and positivistic science have the leading position in knowledge production. She aims for the subjective, the knowledge stored in her body which is passed on through making, in to the glass to be kept.
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