Madeleine small

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Dimensions 13 × 13 × 11 cm

Blown glass, water, wood, light

2,500 kr

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Being/Light Vessels mini, with wooden stand.

My aim with this work is to remind individuals of the connection we all share with each other and ourselves. In an age when technology allows for great growth, possibilities, and communication, I believe we have forgotten how important it is to stop and reflect. To be in the moment. I hope to engulf the viewer’s senses, allowing the individual an opportunity to be present, “get lost” and experience not only the work but their responses to that experience. It is my wish this work helps to allow the individual experiencing the work to feel the connection we have to ourselves, each other and the present moment.

I invite you to grab your cell phone, turn on the flashlight, and shine the light onto the glass vessels.

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