Pixels of Shadows

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Pixels of Shadows — Naturally Artificial, 2019 Computer technology is a tool and material, just like the handcrafted paper on the front frame. In this lighting, kinetic shadows poetically connect and blend the artificial and the natural.

Is it possible to clearly distinguish nature from the artificial? Or are we trapped in our own definition of nature?

“The sound of rain is considered as a source from nature. However, droplets also hit glass windows, and concrete walls. The soundscape is a complex blend of nature and the artificial.”

Pixels of Shadows is a modular kinetic lighting. Lines of shadows continuously appear and disappear while rotating, which shows a spectrum of randomness through patterns. Shadow is the medium that visualises the blend between digital signals and traditional materials. Its real and visible, but illusional and intangible property embraces the vagueness of the border.

Soundtrack: Delia Kim, Marius Strootmann Delia Kim and Marius Strootmann are musicians based in Detmold, Germany. During the early process of Pixels of Shadows, the background concept of blurring out the border between the artificial and natural was shared. Delia and Marius suggested that they could go through a process based on the same concept. They started recording sounds of the city, without distinguishing nature sounds from man-made. Sounds of rain in the forest, church bells, people talking in cafés and walking on streets, among others, were edited into one piece. By adding the piano and double bass, Delia and Marius improvised a slow tempo to the recorded sounds. Once the instrumental part was recorded, the two files were combined and edited to create a single 14-minute piece.

Please inquire with the gallery for price.
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