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Available in natural and black. Rattan Splice Mirror (RSM) explores the high flexibility of rotting, allowing the material to flow around the glass, framing it while splicing back to its starting point. The mirror is held by a single screw in the wall, elegantly covered by a brass cap. Today it is common to see imitation rubber / plastic rotting mesh and metal rotting in outdoor furnishings, a certain material translation which creates another typology. ‘Translation’ was a method used during the project to experiment with perceiving borrowed qualities from other materials bestowed on rattan mesh. The end result was cast in silver and then with some pieces plated in gold. The translation also occurs in the transformation of the original material used, i.e. the practical function of woven rotting mesh usually used for chairs, to another function of decorative jewellery. Harry Parr-Young is a British/Portuguese multi-disciplinary designer based in Stockholm who has been exploring and experimenting with rotting craft as his main process in his artistic practice. He uses rotting as a tool to explore topics related to heritage and cultural identity. With rotting’s complex ornamental-colonial past, he’s been questioning its use today within a material context, re-interpreting its relationship with the idea of the “Exotic”. Since heritage is defined as something in constant flux, he’s been looking at how to perceive and visualise this ancient material and dying craft with another lens and interpretation, combining old and modern techniques along the way.
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    Harry parr-Young
    Rattan Splice mirror large
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