Sculptural Embroidery 01

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Dimensions 47 × 47 × 81 cm

nylon thread embroidery, screen print on cotton gauze, pva glue, reused pine, wall paint

23,200 kr

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My work evolves around the curiosity for textile’s possibility to become. I search for simple principles in complex textile techniques, in order to re-process, re-invent and re-experience textile objects and processes. Sculptural Embroidery 01 is part of an investigation of embroidery as form, through the development of the three-dimensional embroidery canvas. The work explores the perception of the material, as the sculpture is perceived differently depending on the time of the day, and the position of the viewer. As our bodies move around the work and the light shifts, our perception of the sculpture’s shape, volume, colour and surface change. Through this interplay between light, body, and space, I aim to create an experience that shows the complex, changing and expressive potential of textiles that puts me in such deep wonder. The purpose of the work is not to convey a specific message, but to offer a new perspective about embroidery, challenge our notions of what thread, textile and embroidery are and show how an exploratory investigation into materials can create innovative and unusual shapes.
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