Spiritus Sanctus

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Dimensions 70 × 100 cm


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foto monterat på plexiglas.

13,000 kr

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”Spiritus Sanctus” 2018-2019 woman shelters project. This project includes photos and videos.

About me I often work with photography, installations, sound and video, in a conceptual way. I take a documentary approach to my practice exploring the space of the archive and abandoned building, searching for lost stories and alternative histories. In 2010 I started working with power stations in the North of Sweden and in New York and, Finland. ”Modernist of monument. I’m drawn to the complexities of how we take advantage of our natural resources in relation to our need for energy (eg electrical power). The bombastic aesthetic of the Power plant’s architectural design strikes me; but I also wish to explore the hidden architectures of the villages that were submerged beneath the river as a result of the power plant’s development. I am currently working on a feminist women’s project where I want to shed light on hidden woman history. Through archives and stories, I want to create a fairer picture and give women’s history an obvious place in society to create balance. The first stone is a slate stone picked high up on the mountain, it has the inscription “She” I think it is important with the material that it is durable and that it is a connection historically to erected stones over men’s achievements. I will continue working with this theme and continue to write women’s names and history in Jämtland Härjedalen.

Born 1976 Öland Sweden

2000-2005 Master of Fine Arts, Royal University Stockholm, Sweden 2005 Chiang Mai University Thailand 2003 Parson School of design and art New York 1998-2000 Gerlesborgsskolan, Stockholm 1996-1998 Nyckelvikskolan, Stockholm 1995-1996 Kalmar konstskola 1994-1996 Ölandsfolkhögskola

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