Stam vase, blown glass

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Available in pink and orange.

Alexandra Johansson work as a designer and craftsman. In the spring of 2020, I graduated from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm in ceramics and glass. I’m currently studying the master program CRAFT! At the same institution. My process consists of different stages. First an applicant, where I get inspiration, test and select. Then an action that includes practical elements and aesthetic decisions based on purpose and ambition. Finally, an overview of the progress of the work to see what has been chosen away, how the final became and analyse why it turned out the way it did. The materials I work with are mainly plaster, ceramics and glass. I do the sketching and shaping in plaster, which I then transfer to glass and ceramics, usually in the form of casting and blowing. I need to work close to the material to achieve the result I am looking for. For me, it is not possible to see the result on a flat surface or a 3D sketch, it is so much in the physical feeling of an object. My products are currently sold at Sven-Harry’s museum shop, WOS and Something Something. I want to reach a large group of people and always try to be inclusive in my choice of form. Much of my focus is on everyday life and how I can simplify and optimise the use of objects.

The STAM series – three techniques: blown glass, casted ceramics and pressed ceramics. The autumn term of 2019 I made an impression of my safe place in the forest, mainly the safety of trees. The work resulted in a series of vases that I call Stam. “Can you feel the feeling? The tree tops waving, the smell of wet moss and the calm of feeling the irregularity of bark against your warm hands? For me, the forest is a place for safety, movement and fragility. With each work I try to express safety through form, movement through structure and fragility through material.

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