The Reincarnated Artefacts - SM3/1-4, black or white

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Available, 2 white and 2 black. The Reincarnated Artefacts The Reincarnated Artefacts are aimed to question the mass production and the future of ceramics. Today with the rapid growth of the global demand of ‘cheap goods’, the mass production are exploiting the vast amount of nature resource. From this thought, I selected several broken pieces of porcelain bottles from the rubbish piles of a factory. I cleaned them and restructured the forms of ceramic bottles and vases in variation. I wish these humble Artefacts would be reborn. About Som Supawan Traditionalized to de-traditionalized, I have been transforming ceramic tradition in both ‘making’ and ‘re-making’. It is a lifetime challenge to find, define and refine the meaningful language of creativity, from what it was before to what it can be next. Artist Som (Supawan Morris), selected by SEART 2012/2018, won the 2019 FRANZ Rising Star Scholarship from around 600 entries from 34 countries with the series “Never Pure” (2018) – Recycled stoneware and pocelain clay. Also worth mentioning is the British Ceramics Biennal where she presented her artwork “The reincarnated Artefacts (2016): Porcelain on Environment Protest! British Ceramics Biennial, Stocke-on-Tren, England, 7 sept – 13 oct 2019
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