The ShittyKitty Shirt

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3,000 kr

The artist has always loved shirts and their cultural impact on different eras and societies. In certain ways it can be a uniform, signalling structure and reliability … but in other ways, it could also symbolise different ways of rebelling. Many fashion statements have been made with this simple but classically handsome garment.

This shirt has been drawn and custom measured for the artist’s measurements. It mostly resembles an oxford shirt with a regular fit, medium size. The material for the actual shirt is premium cotton (satin). With the aid of seamstress Cecile Kvarnflod Ostnes, this shirt’s design was realised in the actual product you have before you. It is handmade and has tin buttons that are custom made and cast via a manufacturer in China. Designed by the artist in order to maintain the aesthetics of the pattern, they were later chromed by the artist himself.

Measurements (regular Medium): Collar: 39/40 cm Chest: 120 cm Waist: 115 cm Height: 81 cm

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