Tjära / Tar

Additional information

Dimensions 55 × 120 × 22 cm

16,375 kr

Paper string, wood fibre isolation, transfer printed photograph of tar

Price for whole sculpture: 16 375 SEK Price for weave only: 14 375 SEK

In Micro Macro Mass I collect fragments and photographs of the trees´ different stages of processing: ready-mades, extracts, found objects and paper. The tree is the only material source I use, to explore my aesthetic attraction to it as well as expressions of communicating awareness of a resource. In a mix of incitement, I, therefore, try to let the material fluctuations and lust lead me rather than me leading them. Dry to wet; heavy to light; matte to shiny; vivid to burnt; scentless to fragrant; smooth to crispy. I zoom in and out on repeat on my collection of fragments and photographs from microscopic to the macroscopic level. I intuitively sort them into abstract sculptures with all their components exchangeable for further exploration. Wooden portraits; upon wooden weaves; upon wooden elements.
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