As a counterweight to his photography assignments, Kapoth decided seven years ago to move into painting, rather than to pursue fine art photography; simply because paintings are not possible to reproduce. In contrast to his corporate photo work, his paintings depict chaos, albeit controlled. Kapoth learned the art of photography as an apprentice to contemporary [...]

Natalia Mikkola

Natalia Mikkola on Artsy Born and raised on the Crimean Peninsula, painter and photographer Natalia Mikkola is now based on the island of Åland in the Baltic Sea. Here she finds the peace and the bond with nature that fuels her creativity and positive spirit. Natalia Mikkola is an artist who took the long route towards [...]

Anthony Mills

Anthony Mills on Artsy Anthony Mills renaissance artiste. From opera to hip hop and authentic Americana storytelling. Mills vocal abilities reflect a palette of color also visualised for the creation of drawings, paintings, and sculpture. Though largely self taught, Mills’ mother is also a fine artist who has generously been a positive resource and solicited [...]

Alannah Robins

Alannah Robins on Artsy Artist, activist and singer Alannah Robins has a dynamic and active artistic practice, based in Ireland and Sweden. A graduate of the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, she was a founder member of the Atlantic Artists’ Association which ran a collective studio and gallery space in Clifden for nine years. [...]

Paul Quant

Paul Quant on Artsy As an artist, Paul Quant is curious, challenging, questioning and perceptive. He is often attracted to ideas and techniques that he later uses in his own imagery. Questioning and challenging the definition of normal, using a methodology that has its origins in his many years of experience in advertising, that of [...]

Eric Wall

Eric Wall on Artsy Eric Wall’s paintings explore the materiality of the canvas and challenge our expectations of what a painting is expected to be. His paintings are meticulously hand-cut using a hobby knife. A single painting is often stretched, painted, unstretched, hand-cut, painted, restretched, and painted again. They reach a state of resolution through [...]

Matt Miley

Matt Miley on Artsy “My work is a reflection of my journey to find a higher awareness of my moment to moment experience. This type of venture has traditionally been confined to and referenced by rigid and crumbling institutions. To transcend these systems of thought, I intend for my work to signify psychological change that [...]


Lana Stephens on Artsy ​Lana Stephens is an emerging artist from Hampton Roads, VA. and has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions since she began exhibiting her work professionally in 2009. Professional accolades include being personally selected by senior curator, Joanne Moser, of the Smithsonian American Art Musuem to have her work featured [...]


Serinyà on Artsy Noises from the Silent Land.My father was a biology teacher. When I was a child, in Girona, he sometimes took me to his laboratory at the school, letting me look through the microscopes and allowing me to feed the snakes and lizards in the terrariums. This founded my strong fascination for biology [...]

Mani Vertigo

Mani on Artsy Mani Vertigo is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily with paintings, sculptures and videos. Russian-born, Stockholm-based, Mani creates visceral, rough paintings featuring forms or silhouettes of faces and bodies and building abstraction around them. She strives to create an honest and evocative dialog with the viewer’s deepest and most vulnerable self, focusing on [...]