Matt Miley

“My work is a reflection of my journey to find a higher awareness of my moment to moment experience. This type of venture has traditionally been confined to and referenced by rigid and crumbling institutions. To transcend these systems of thought, I intend for my work to signify psychological change that dismantles and rebuilds recurrently. [...]

Natalia Mikkola

Born and raised on the Crimean Peninsula, painter and photographer Natalia Mikkola is now based on the island of Åland in the Baltic Sea. Here she finds the peace and the bond with nature that fuels her creativity and positive spirit. Natalia Mikkola is an artist who took the long route towards realizing her creative ambitions. [...]

Didier Mazuru

 Didier Mazuru was born in Paris in 1953. After receiving a degree in Architecture in 1981, he moved to Stockholm to devote himself entirely to painting. Didier’s early works are mostly post-surrealistic, becoming more abstract with time. Not only did his work develop in another direction, but his work process also evolved from being very [...]

Cecilia Ulfsdotter Klementsson

Cecilia is an artist born in Stockholm 1990, known for her large scale paintings of fleshy human bodies appropriating nude images from the media. Klementsson is currently doing a Masters in Painting at the Royal College of Art in London 2020 - 2022. Klementsson lived in Perth (AU) 2011 - 2016 where she received a [...]


As a counterweight to his photography assignments, Kapoth decided seven years ago to move into painting, rather than to pursue fine art photography; simply because paintings are not possible to reproduce. In contrast to his corporate photo work, his paintings depict chaos, albeit controlled. Kapoth learned the art of photography as an apprentice to contemporary [...]


With a keen interest in visual expression, Gustav Hjelmgren finds inspiration in the works of the early abstract expressionists de Kooning, Kline, Pollack, Frankenthaler, Rothko and Joan Mitchell. Growing up in a family of painters—his great-great-grandfather was the renowned Swedish painter Richard Bergh and his grandmother painted her entire life—art was always a natural part [...]


Fuel series Holy Grail 16Holy Grail 15Holy Grail 14Holy Grail 13Holy Grail 12Holy Grail 11Holy Grail 10Holy Grail 09Holy Grail 08Holy Grail 07Holy Grail 06Holy Grail 05Holy Grail 04Holy Grail 03Holy Grail 02Holy Grail 01Holy Grail series Structures of Entertainment 08Structures of Entertainment 07Structures of Entertainment 05Structures of Entertainment 03Structures of Entertainment 02Structures of Entertainment [...]

Christer “Fjellis” Fjellman

Det började med att Christer Fjellman tog ett extra jobb som 13- åring för att utöka sin åtråvärda samling av serietidningar. På Semic Press tecknarateljé träffade han serieskaparen Rolf Gohs, mannen som införde realismen i svensk serietradition, men det var mer Gohs fotokunskaper som fick Fjellman att sälja sin samling för att istället investera pengarna [...]

Vegan Flava

See available works here. Vegan Flava is a street artist and refers to his art as visual activism and direct action painting. He is based in Stockholm and is internationally known for his socially reflective art with motifs such as skeletons, skulls, animals, roots and trees. His art is often created in an interaction with [...]

Kristoffer Ekman

Kristoffer Ekman is in constant search for places ”in between”.  Sometimes these appear with clarity, and then again, with some interruption the uncertainty returns. Growing up on the edge of the forest, he often returns to the same place, finding it simultaneously silent and full of life. Mountains, bridges and former factories can also appear in [...]