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“Simplicity and complexity, as every scientist knows, are but two sides of the same coin. That which appears to be uncomplicated can be, in fact, amazingly complex, and vice versa. Artists sometimes address this same duality. In our efforts to make the world a bit more comprehensible, we give form and substance to an often [...]


 I come from a country where human rights are violated. In my country everything is politics, even art. In my country there is censorship for art outside the interests of government. My painting has always been a refuge, a space of freedom, an island within another island. My work is also an example of survival [...]

Johnathan Daily

Painting is connecting; an illusion would never make a good painting. An illusion implies something that is pretending to be something else, which means that there are two things. But there should only be one thing, one painting. In a good painting there is no artist or viewer or painting, there is just a moment [...]


Jo Andersson was born in Walnut Creek, California in 1988. She began blowing glass at the age of 19 at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. Shortly after receiving her Bachelor of Fine Art with an emphasis in glass, Jo moved to Seattle, WA to work in the glass field professionally. In the spring [...]

Isa Andersson

Isa Andersson, born 1990 in Stockholm, has a bachelor’s degree in product design from Beckmans School of Design and a master’s degree in design from Konstfack. Isa is active as an artist and designer in a number of different projects, including Tensta Art Gallery, IKEA, Beckmans School of Design, Design Lab S, and Sven Harry’s [...]